Lime Crime sells its Venus eye-shadow palettes

Lime Crime is a popular make-up brand that sells great make-up products. Lime Crime now sells a number of Venus eye-shadow palettes. There are six Venus eye-shadow palettes. Each Venus eye-shadow palette has a different color-scheme. The Venus eye-shadow palettes are named the Venus eye-shadow palette, the Venus 2 eye-shadow palette, the Venus 3 eye-shadow palette, the Venus Immortalis eye-shadow palette, the Venus XL eye-shadow palette, and the Venus XL 2 eye-shadow palette. There are also four Venus eye-shadow palette bundles. You can check-out the Lime Crime website to purchase a Venus eye-shadow palette or a Venus eye-shadow palette bundle.

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10 thoughts on “Lime Crime sells its Venus eye-shadow palettes”

  1. I heard about Lime Crime but I’ve never been interested in any Lime Crime products. These eye-shadow palettes look good though. Nice post. Keep it up.

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