Glee star Naya Rivera is presumed dead

Naya Rivera, 33, is presumed dead since this Wednesday. The actress named Naya Rivera played the character named Santana Lopez on the Fox network television show named Glee. Rivera was on a boat with her son last Wednesday when she went missing. People believe that she is lost and is now dead.

Rivera went on a boating trip on Lake Piru in Ventura County, California last Wednesday. She went on the boating trip at around 1 p.m. After around three hours later a boater found Rivera’s boat floating on the lake. Rivera was missing from the boat. Her four-year-old son named Josey Hollis Dorsey was asleep on the boat.

Search and rescue teams commenced their search once it was confirmed that Rivera was missing. There were air teams and dive teams looking for Rivera. More than 80-people searched for Rivera. Search teams began their search on Wednesday and stopped later that evening. They continued their search on Thursday at first light.

Authorities said that the search changed from a search and rescue mission to a search and recovery mission on Thursday. “We’re presuming that an accident happened and we’re presuming she drowned in the lake,” said the Deputy Chris Dyer at a press conference Thursday. “We hope for the best, we prepare for the worst.”

Rivera’s boat was found on the north side of the lake. The depth of the lake can be anywhere around six feet to forty-feet deep. Rivera’s boat was a rented boat. It was a pontoon boat with a deck cover. Deputy Dyer said that it was common for people to go out onto the lake in the middle of the week because there are fewer people out on the lake.

Rivera’s son told authorities that her mother went swimming but did not return to the boat.

Dorsey had a life-vest on when the authorities found him. There was an adult life-vest that was left on the boat.

Rivera’s son is healthy. He is staying with his family.

Rivera was on the Fox network show named Glee from 2009 to 2015.

This is tragic news. My prayers go-out to Rivera’s son and out to her family.

Always and forever,

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