Pink shows-off a picture with her and her daughter who wears the same hair-style

Pink showed-off a picture of her and her daughter Willow Sage earlier this month. Willow Sage is nine-years-old. She cut her hair in the same hair-style as her mother, Pink.

Pink has two children. Willow is the oldest child. Pink’s second child is named Jameson. He is three-years-old. Pink married a man named Carey Hart. Hart is a free-style motor-crossing racer and motorcycle racer. This is what Hart wrote about his daughter.

“My sweet daughter, Willow. Where do I start? You have shown me what love of a child is all about. You changed my life from the moment your mama was pregnant. I always wanted to be a father and thank you for choosing me as your papa. You impress me everyday you walk this planet.

“You are smart, thoughtful, compassionate, full-off-piss, and vinegar, physical, and a little smart-ass! One of the biggest joys I have with you is watching you grow into your own independent person each day that passes. You are gonna change the world one day, Munchkin. I could not be more proud and in love with you.”

Pink and Hart were married in 2006. Pink and her husband had two breaks during his and her marriage. They separated for one year. Then, they separated for eleven-months. However, they reconciled. They are happily married to this day.

Pink is known for her singing career. She has eight albums out. Her latest album was launched in 2019. Her album was named Hurts 2B Human.

I love Pink’s music. She’s a great singer. You should definitely check-out her music as soon as you can.

Always and forever,

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