Pippa Middleton is pregnant

The Duchess Catherine is the future-Queen-of-England. She has a sister that is well-known in the British media. Her name is Pippa Middleton. Pippa is married to a man that is named James Matthews. Pippa and James were married in 2017. Now, Pippa is pregnant. She is pregnant with her second child. Her eldest son is named Arthur. He was born in 2018.

“Pippa and James are thrilled, it’s fantastic news amid a difficult year. The entire family is delighted,” said a source from Page Six.

The Duchess Catherine and Pippa Middleton also have a brother. The two’s brother is named James. James was engaged to his girlfriend last year. His girlfriend’s name is Alizee Thevenet.

Pippa’s pregnancy news is great to hear. Congratulations to her and to her husband.

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