Superman & Lois comes out on the CW soon

The network that is named “The CW” will release a new Superman television show this February. The television show is named “Superman & Lois.” “Superman & Lois” will be out on February 23.

Superman & Lois is about Superman and his wife who is named Lois Lane. Tyler Hoechlin plays Superman. Elizabeth Tulloch plays Lois Lane. In the show Superman and Lois have two sons. The sons are named Johnathan Kent and Jordan Kent. Jordan Elsass plays Johnthan Kent. Alexander Garfin plays Jordan Kent.

“We all begin as one version of ourself, but as we grow, life changes us,” says Superman in the trailer of Superman & Lois. “Every moment shaping our character, shifting our priorities, stretching every fiber of our being until we think we’ve lost ourselves to the stress of it all. But that’s not true because under the torn fibers is a strong person, forged like steel, with the courage to fight for those we love.”

I am excited for this new television show on the CW network. You should check-out the trailer of Superman & Lois above.

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12 thoughts on “Superman & Lois comes out on the CW soon”

  1. This is a great take on a classic super-hero. I don’t think anyone has thought of doing a comic or a television show on Superman as he acts as a father. This looks neat. I can’t wait to see it either.

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