Vanessa Hudgens stars on Broadway as “Gigi”

Vanessa Hudgens is on Broadway in the musical that is named “Gigi.” Vanessa Hudgens plays the lead role in the musical as “Gigi herself.”

So what is “Gigi” about?

“Gigi is a carefree girl being taught the high-society ways of fashionable Paris. Gaston is an aristocratic playboy who has begun to bore of the extravagant lifestyle he’s enjoyed for so long. When the two meet, they feel a bond, though still separated by society class structure. When Gaston proposes to take Gigi as a mistress, the two must weigh the standards of Parisian culture and their own personal feelings to come to a decision on their mutual destiny.”

Vanessa Hudgens is known for the made-for-tv movies that are named “High-School Musical,” “High-School Musical 2,” and “High-School Musical 3: Senior Year.” She is also known for her movie role in the movie that is named “Spring Breakers.”

I love Vanessa Hudgens. I hope she does well in this musical.

Always and forever,

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