Kristin Cavallari opens-up a new “Uncommon James” in Dallas, Texas

Kristin Cavallari is a reality-television star on the MTV Network. She was on the television shows that are named Laguna Beach, The Hills, and Very Cavallari. Kristin also has a line of jewelry stores open. The jewelry store is named, “Uncommon James.” There are two “Uncommon James” stores in the United States of America. There is an “Uncommon James” location in Nashville, Tennesse and another “Uncommon James” jewelry store open in Chicago, Illinois.

Now, Kristin opens her newest “Uncommon James” jewelry store in Dallas, Texas.

This is great news for Kristin Cavallari. I can’t wait to check out her stores.

Always and forever,

12 thoughts on “Kristin Cavallari opens-up a new “Uncommon James” in Dallas, Texas”

  1. I was sad when Kristin’s show, “Very Cavallari” was cancelled. I’m glad she’s still doing well with her “Uncommon James” jewelry line. Nice one.

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  2. I liked Kristin’s show, “Very Cavallari.” I also liked her on “The Hills” and on “Laguna Beach.” I wonder if we’ll see her again on reality-television or if she will focus on her jewelry stores.

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