Jo Jo Siwa is on People Magazine today

Jo Jo Siwa will be on “People” magazine today. Jo Jo is interviewed by a “People” magazine journalist. In the “People” magazine interview Jo Jo discusses how being herself helped her for the better.

Siwa is a dancer, actress, and influencer. She was first discovered on the “Lifetime” television show that is named “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.” Jo Jo was on Season 2 of the television show. Jo Jo won the television show and was scheduled to be a dancer on the “Lifetime” television show that is named, “Dance Moms.” Jo Jo was on “Dance Moms” beginning with Season 5 of the television show. She was on the “Dance Moms” television show for two seasons. She was on the “Dance Moms” television show with the other dancers like Maddie Ziegler, Kenzie Ziegler, and Kendall Vertes.

Now, Jo Jo is a social media influencer. She has her own Youtube channel that is named It’s Jo Jo Siwa. She has created many music videos on her Youtube channel for her songs like Boomerang, High Top Shoes, and Only Getting Better. She has brand deals with stores like Target, Claire’s, and J.C. Penney. She sells products like her signature hair-bows, clothes, and toys.

Jo Jo also finished her first music tour that was named “The D.R.E.A.M Tour.” Her music tour took place in 2018. She traveled to 52-cities all across the United States of America and throughout Canada.

Jo Jo performed at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards in 2018. Jo Jo also appeared on the Nickelodeon film that is named Blurt!. Finally, she was on the Nickelodeon television show that is named Lip Sync Battle Shorties.

I love Jo Jo. Her music is lively and kid-friendly. Her clothes are sparkly and fun. They are great for young girls out there.

It’s great to see Jo Jo on “People” magazine’s front cover today. Congratulations to her to all her success.

Always and forever,

12 thoughts on “Jo Jo Siwa is on People Magazine today”

  1. Jo Jo is talented and amazing. I love her bright colored clothing and sense-of-style. You’re right. It’s definitely “lively and kid-friendly.” Nice post.

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  2. I happy to see Jo Jo on the front cover of “People” magazine. I bought her hair-bows and clothes for my daughters. They just love her. Congratulations to her. 🙂

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