Prince Philip of England’s funeral was today

Prince Philip of England was buried today. He died on Friday April 9, 2021. Prince Philip was ninety-nine-years-old. Prince Philip’s other royal title was The Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Philip’s funeral took place at St. George’s Cathedral inside of Windsor Castle. Only thirty people were in attendance at his funeral inside of St. George’s Cathedral. The in-door funeral proceedings at St. George’s Cathedral took place to comply with the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions within Great Britain.

Queen Elizabeth followed the funeral procession in a state Bentley vehicle beside a lady-in-waiting. Prince William, who is otherwise known as The Duke of Cambridge, walked next to his cousin, Peter Phillips. Prince Harry walked on the other side of the two’s cousin.

Seven-hundred-and-thirty members of Great Britain’s armed forces were a part of the funeral proceedings outside of St. George’s Cathedral in Windsor Castle. The Grenadier Guards were in charge of the outdoor funeral procession. The Grenadier Guards are infantry-level soldiers of the British military.

Prince Philip’s coffin was carried to St. George’s Cathedral on a Land Rover. The Land Rover was a special project of Prince Philip’s that he spent years working-on.

There was a national minute-of-silence that took place at the beginning of Prince Philip’s funeral. The national minute-of-silence occurred at 15:00 hours exactly. The beginning of the national minute-of-silence was marked by gun-fire at nine locations that were spread throughout Great Britain.

There were no planes that took to flight at Heathrow Airport for one minute due to the national minute-of-silence. Also, all the major sporting events throughout Great Britain were re-scheduled. The British government implemented this change so that the different sporting events that were to take place did not overlap with Prince Philip’s funeral.

Prince Philip’s funeral service was led by the Dean of Windsor. The Archbishop of Canterbury led the blessing at Prince Philip’s funeral service.

The Dean of Windsor spoke of Prince Philip’s many positive attributes and his impact throughout the whole of Great Britain. He talked of, “his kindness, his humor, and his humanity.” He proclaimed that Prince Philip’s long-life brought blessings to the entire world.

“We have been inspired by his unwavering loyalty to our Queen,” said the Dean of Windsor. “[We were inspired] by his service to the nation and to the Commonwealth… we were inspired by his courage, by his fortitude, and by his faith.”

The British people were sad to see Prince Philip’s passing.

God Bless Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. May he Rest in Peace.

Always and forever,

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