The movie named “Cruella” will be out on May 28

The movie that is named “Cruella” will be in movie theaters on Friday May 28. “Cruella” is a live-action movie that is a prequel to the “101 Dalmations” movie franchise.

“Cruella” stars the actress who is named “Emma Stone.” She is “Estella” or the young Cruella de Vil. The actress who is named “Emma Thompson” is “The Baroness.” She is Cruella’s boss and her arch-enemy.

The movie “Cruella” takes place in London, England. It takes place in the 1970’s. The young Cruella de Vil is a designer who hopes to make it big because of her fashion designs. The Baroness von Hellman is a fashion-legend. She is the one who discovers Cruella. The two’s rivalry sends Cruella on a path of revenge. It is the beginning of Cruella’s path of wickedness and of evil.

You can see this movie in select movie theaters this Friday.

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