Kristin Cavallari’s hubby fights for half of her company in the two’s divorce

Kristin Cavallari is in the midst of a divorce with her husband. Her husband is named Jay Cutler. Cutler was a football player for the Chicago Bears football team.

Now, Cutler wants a piece of Kristin Cavallari’s company. He wants half of Kristin’s store brand. Kristin’s company is named Uncommon James. Uncommon James is a retailer that sells jewelry items, beauty items, children’s clothing, and home items. Kristin has three Uncommon James stores in America. There is an Uncommon James store in Nashville, Tennessee. There is an Uncommon James store in Dallas, Texas. There is also an Uncommon James store in Chicago, Illinois.

Culter told the court that he deserves half of the Kristin’s Uncommon James’ brand because she opened the three stores when the two were together. Kristin affirms that he does not deserve half of her company.

Kristin exposes many things about her journey as a boss of Uncommon James on her television show that is named Very Cavallari. Very Cavallari is shown on the E! network television channel.

Kristin and Cutler have three children together. The two have sons who are named Camden and Jaxon. The two also have a daughter who is named Saylor. Camden is eight-years-old. Jaxon is seven-years-old. Saylor is five-years-old.

Kristin married Cutler in 2013.

I hope things turn out well for Kristin in the end.

Always and forever,

14 thoughts on “Kristin Cavallari’s hubby fights for half of her company in the two’s divorce”

  1. I’m sad to hear that Kristin Cavallari’s marriage to Culter has ended. I hope their divorce will not get too big and that the two have an amicable relationship with one another by the time the ink is dry on two’s divorce contract.


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