Tennis pro Roger Federer withdraws from the French Open

The tennis professional who is named Roger Federer withdrew from the French Open today. Roger Federer is a Swiss tennis professional-player. He is ranked No. 8 in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals (otherwise known as the ATP).

The French Open is a major tennis tournament. It takes place for over two weeks time. It occurs at Stade Rolande-Garros in France. The courts at Rolande-Garros are clay courts which are a different type of court surface for a tennis player to play-on.

Roger Federer says that he will pull-out of the French Open because he must “listen to his body.” He was set to play against the tennis professional-player who is named Matteo Berettini. Matteo Berettini is ranked No. 9 on the ATP list. He is an Italian tennis player.

Matteo Berettini

Roger Federer has won on the Rolande-Garros clay courts at the French Open only once in his tennis career.

I wonder if Roger Federer will get back in top shape for the U.S. Open major tennis tournament that will take place on Monday August 30, 2021.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

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