Bill Cosby is free of the charges that 35 sexual assault victims claimed against him

Bill Cosby was known to be a famous celebrity. He starred in “The Cosby Show.” “The Cosby Show” was a television show about an affluent African-American family and the family’s misadventures.

In 2018 a woman who is named Andrea Constand went to the police to file charges against Bill Cosby for sexual assault. Andrea Constand stated that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2004. Months later around thirty-five women came forward to file charges against Cosby for sexual assault as well.

Now the Pennsylvania courts have acquitted Cosby from the charges against him.

Cosby was in jail for two years prior to this acquittal. He was in jail for two years out of his up-to ten-year jail sentence. Cosby was jailed in a state prison near the city of Philadelphia.

The former-celebrity is now free.

This is a sad day for Andrea Constand, the woman who first spoke-up about her sexual assault, and for the thirty-five women who also spoke-up against Cosby.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

14 thoughts on “Bill Cosby is free of the charges that 35 sexual assault victims claimed against him”

  1. We’re noticing a ton of blogs regarding this, and we’ve explained this has never been about getting someone for doing something wrong. If he committed adultery, and the rest we believe is fabricated, then that’s between him and his wife. We never condone adultery. In adultery, if the wife divorces, she should get at least half of their estate, and anything she reveals to the world is fair game. But we do know there are far worse things being done in Hollywood, among the media, and with known personalities, and all these blogs simply indicate an effort to prevent one man from having the positive effect before all this. On a radio show, prior to all this, he was encouraging men (A friend believes he was speaking for black men, but I contended all men.) to stay at home, remain married and with the kids, and work hard, being responsible for the family and children, also those on government assistance to get off if they could, and working hard to get ahead. It was shortly after all this began, and we believe, it was because “they” don’t want him having the great family influence he’s had for decades. That, in part, along with people easily duped by propaganda and fake witnesses (We’ve seen this kind of thing before.), is why all the blogs, for these people (I would hazard 90% at least.) don’t really live wholesome lives and really care about what this man did, if he did. Someone(s) is working hard to prevent him from having the positive family effect he’s had for decades.


    1. That is an interesting point to make. I agree that Bill Cosby’s television show was very influential at the time that it was on air. If people do see it now I also think that it may encourage men to focus on their family. However, I do not think that we can lose sight of the fact that there were thirty-five sexual assault charges against Bill Cosby from different women. That number indicates that something is amiss. Sometimes a person must look at what’s plain and right in front of them instead of doing mental gymnastics to disprove something. However, it is true that the court determined that Cosby was not guilty of the charges against him. For many that is a sure sign that he did not commit the thirty-five cases of sexual assault. On a personal level I am not convinced that is the case.


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