Jamie Spears attempts to send Britney Spears to the mental health hospital

Britney Spears is the loved and highly adored Pop Princess of the twenty-first century America. Britney Spears faced numerous obstacles since her difficulties in the year 2008. In the year 2008 Britney Spears was placed in a mental health hospital due to exhaustion. Britney Spear’s father is named Jamie Spears. Jamie Spears was given the role of a “conservator” by the courts because of Britney Spears’ difficulties.

In a conservatorship an appointed person is in control of the sick person’s finances. Jamie Spears has controlled Britney Spears money and life since the year 2008.

Jodi Montgomery is Britney Spear’s lawyer. Jamie Spears alleges that Montgomery approached him to say that Montgomery was worried about Britney Spear’s mental health.

Allegedly, Jamie Spears made this claim to Variety Magazine:

“On July 9, 2021, I received a phone call from Ms. Montgomery. During our call, Ms. Montgomery sounded very distraught and expressed how concerned she was about my daughter’s recent behavior and overall mental health. Ms. Montgomery explained that my daughter was not timely or properly taking her medications, was not listening to the recommendations of her medical team and refused to even see some of her doctors.”

Montgomery states strongly that this conversation never took place. She states that it is time for Jamie Spears to give back control of her life to Britney Spears. Montgomery believes that Britney Spears should be in charge of her own life, her own decisions, and her own money.

Britney Spears’ other attorney who is working the conservatorship case has sent forward documents that state that Britney Spears hopes to get a trial about her conservatorship around August to around September.

I hope Britney Spears’ petitions are heard and that the courts decide to move her trial to a nearer date. All of Britney Spears’ fans should support her during this trying time.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

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