K.J. Apa’s son is born today

The Riverdale star who is named K.J. Apa is now a father. K.J. Apa is the star of the CW television show that is named Riverdale. K.J. plays the character who is named Archie (Archibald) Andrews. The mother of his son is a model. Her name is Clara Berry.

K.J. and Berry’s newborn son is named Sasha Vai Keneti Apa.

K.J. Apa is twenty-four-years-old. Clara is twenty-seven-years-old.

Clara had this to say about her newborn son: “He is perfection. I am the luckiest woman to have now two men in my life. They fill my heart with this cosmic gigantic vast love.❤️‍”

Congratulations to K.J. and to Clara. This is amazing news to hear.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

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