Mike Sorrentino introduces his son, Romeo, to the cast of the “Jersey Shore”

Nicole Polizzi and Romeo Reign Sorrentino.
Nicole Polizzi, Romeo Reign Sorrentino, and Lauren Sorrentino.
[left to right] Lauren Sorrentino; Jennifer Farley, or “JWow;” and Romeo Reign Sorrentino.
Paul DelVecchio, or “Pauly D,” and Romeo Reign Sorrentino.
Deena Cortese and Romeo Reign Sorrentino.
[left to right] Vinny, Nicole Polizzi, and Romeo Reign Sorrentino.
[left to right] Romeo Reign Sorrentino, Angelo James LaValle, and Vinny.

Mike Sorrentino, formerly known as “The Situation,” was married on November 1, 2018. Mike Sorrentino married his high-school sweetheart, Lauren. Now, he and his wife have had the two’s first child. The two’s baby is a boy. His named is Romeo Reign Sorrentino. Romeo Reign Sorrentino is now already four-months-old.

Now, the “Jersey Shore” family has re-united to meet Romeo Reign. The cast of the television show spent time together at Mike Sorrentino’s new home. The cast members that visited Mike Sorrentino include Vincent Guadagnino, or Vinny; Nicole Polizzi; Jennifer Lynn Farley, or “JWow;” Deena Nicole Cortese; and, finally, Paul DelVecchio, or “Pauly D.” It is great that the fam is back together again.

Mike Sorrentino has surely grown-up. It is great that he now has a lovely little family.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

12 thoughts on “Mike Sorrentino introduces his son, Romeo, to the cast of the “Jersey Shore””

  1. The cast of the Jersey Shore always seems like they genuinely love each other. It is great that they support Mike Sorrentino now that he enters a new phase in his life… the phase of being a father. Nice post.


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