Hawkeye star Florence Pugh gets a darker look

You may know the actress named Florence Pugh from her movie role in a few movies. She is Amy March in the movie, “Little Women.” She also plays Yelena, Black Widow’s adopted-sister, in the movie, “Black Widow.”

Now, Florence is out with a new look. Her golden locks are gone. She shares her new hairstyle on her Instagram account. “I did a thing #chopchopchop ✂️,” she posts on her Instagram account. In her pictures, Florence has short brunette hair. I think Florence looks fetching with her new look.

Florence Pugh will also grace our televisions soon. Florence will reprise her role as “Yelena” in the television show named, “Hawkeye.” “Hawkeye” will be out on November 24. The television show will be available on Disney+. Check-out the trailer below:

I think Florence did a great job as Amy in the movie, “Little Women.” I can’t wait to see her as “Yelena” in the television show, “Hawkeye.”

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

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