A new dark-topia television show named “Brave New World” is out

A new dark-topia television is out right now. The television show is named, “Brave New World.” This television show is available on the Peacock television streaming service.

A dark-topia movie or television show is something based in a dark world that is sometimes futuristic. “Brave New World” is a television show like that. This show is based off of the book of the same title by the author who is named Aldous Huxley.

“Brave New World” is about a place named “New London.” In “New London” everyone is happy. Everyone belongs to everyone else. Privacy is a myth.

Everyone in “New London” is divided-up into categories. There are the Alpha+, Alphas, and Alphas-. There are the Beta+, the Betas, and the Beta-. Finally, there are the Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons.

In “New London,” everyone knows their place. Everyone knows where they belong.

And all you need to boost your spirits is a soma.

Brave New World is another ground-breaking dark-topia show like Divergent by Veronica Roth; The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins; Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill; and The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

The entire first season is out on Peacock. This dark-topia television show is not one to miss. You should check-it-out.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

12 thoughts on “A new dark-topia television show named “Brave New World” is out”

  1. I’ve seen the actor named Alden Ehrenreich in the movie named, “Beautiful Creatures.” He did great in the movie as the character named Ethan Wate. The woman named Lenina Crowne is great in “Brave New World,” too. I hope this is just as good. Nice one.


  2. I haven’t heard of this television show before. I like movies and shows that touch on these difficult issues like “Brave New World” seems to.


  3. This looks good. I’m glad you talked about it. I want to try a new television streaming service and I think this is a good reason to try Peacock.


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