Jensen Ackles is set to be the executive producer of a “Supernatural” prequel named “The Winchesters”

Jensen Ackles is an actor who starred on the hit-CW television show that is named, “Supernatural.” He played the character who is named, “Dean Winchester.” “Supernatural” was on air for 15-seasons.

Now, there is news of a “Supernatural” prequel to that television show.

“Supernatural” is a television show about two brothers named “Dean Winchester” and “Sam Winchester.” The two hunt demons. One of the most popular storylines in the television show is about the two brothers who attempt to stop The End of the World.

The prequel to this television show that is in the works is named, “The Winchesters.” Jensen Ackles is said to be an executive producer of the new television show. He is thrilled with his new role behind-the-scenes.

This new television show is said to be about the origin story of John Winchester and Mary Winchester. John Winchester and Mary Winchester are Dean Winchester’s parents.

This new show was announced on June 2021.

It is wonderful to hear that Jensen Ackles will be acting as the executive producer of this new television based in the world of, “Supernatural.” I can’t wait to see what he has planned for this new television show.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

10 thoughts on “Jensen Ackles is set to be the executive producer of a “Supernatural” prequel named “The Winchesters””

  1. Dean Winchester is my favorite character on, “Supernatural.” I hope he is also in the new show. I would like to see more on the television show about a young Dean.


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