Chloe Trautman of Siesta Key is married

Chloe Trautman is a star on the MTV-hit television show that is named Siesta Key. Siesta Key is a reality television show focused on Chloe and her friends as they navigate the intricate social world of Siesta Key, Florida.

Now, Chloe is married. She was married on Sunday. Chloe was married to her long-time boyfriend named Christopher Long.

Chloe was engaged on November 2021. Christopher Long proposed to Chloe when the two went on vacation to the state of Utah. The two went on a romantic hike through the hills of Utah where he proposed.

This is what Chloe had to say as she reflected on her engagement at her wedding: “I remember breaking down in tears. Everything felt crazy! He asked me to marry him and I said, ‘Yes!’ From the moment I met Chris I knew he was The-One. I am in a state of pure bliss. I can not believe I get to spend the rest of my life with my best-friend!”

Chloe’s nuptials were highly anticipated by everyone at Siesta Key.

Chloe’s cast-mates from the television show attended her wedding. Those cast-mates include: Madisson Hausberg, Juliette Porter, and Amanda Miller.

Chloe has had a difficult relationship with her ex-castmate named Amanda Miller. However, Miller was a guest at the wedding.

It is great that Chloe has settled down with her soulmate. It looks like clear skies for the new Chloe Long.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

10 thoughts on “Chloe Trautman of Siesta Key is married”

  1. Chloe is my favorite cast member on Siesta Key. I was sad to hear that she is leaving next season. It is wonderful that she has settled down and has found happiness outside of the Siesta Key television show.


  2. I am surprised that Chloe invited Amanda Miller to her wedding ceremony. Amanda might have brought more drama with her. I hope things went smoothly at her wedding ceremony.


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