Joshua Bassett comes out-of-the-closet

Joshua Bassett is the newest Disney star to come out of the Disney machine. Joshua Bassett is one of the main stars in the new Disney television show. The television show is named “High-School Musical: The Musical: The Series.” He is Ricky in that show.

Now, Joshua Bassett has come out-of-the-closet.

“What was scary and hard was the twenty years leading up to it,” he said this past month. “It was truly a liberating moment. I have not looked back. There is power in telling the truth.”

He continued: “I know that the people that it has helped are far more important than some of the people who may say nasty things to me to project their fears and their anger onto me. When you hear a message from a fan who says, ‘You saved my life,’ or even, ‘Because of you now I feel like I can be myself,’ — Well, it is the greatest honor in the world. I am proud to be a role model in any way. I am proud to liberate other people to tell and to live in their truth.”

Joshua Bassett is twenty-one-years-old. He has a thriving music career. He recently released the song, “Doppelgänger.” You can check-out the new song on Youtube.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

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