Controversy rises regarding trans-gender woman’s NCAA national title

A trans-gender woman made the headlines as the first trans-gender woman to win the women’s NCAA Division I National Title in the 500-yard freestyle. This trans-gender woman is named Lia Thomas.

The trans-gender woman named Lia Thomas is a member of the University of Pennsylvania women’s swim team.

Her win sparked controversy everywhere. Another swimmer on the team named Reka Gyorgy had this to say: “This is my last college swim meet ever. The recent events have made me feel frustrated. It feels like the final spot was taken away from me. The NCAA’s decision to let a trans-gender woman on the University of Pennsylvania swim team who is not a biological woman is wrong.

The NCAA’s policies on trans-gender women who have a chance to enter a woman’s swim team should be changed. Trans-gender women are not women. If they chose to compete then they should remain on the men’s swim team despite the the fact that they changed their gender-name-pronoun to, ‘trans-gender woman.'”

Many people feel mixed feelings about this issue. The Olympian swimmer who is named Felipe Delgado says that he feels that the NCAA should keep the league’s loose rules regarding trans-gender women which allow them on women’s sport teams.

However, team-members on the University of Pennsylvania swim team and the team member’s parents feel that the NCAA’s policies are wrong.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

12 thoughts on “Controversy rises regarding trans-gender woman’s NCAA national title”

  1. This is an outrage. A biological man who chooses to affiliate himself as a “trans-gender woman” should not be able to compete on the women’s swim team. The NCAA should change their policies.


  2. This is an interesting news story. I am shocked that things like this are happening. People who are born as boys should not be allowed to enter a woman’s swimming league.


  3. I think this type of thing is an example of how much the world has changed in the wrong way. This trans-gender woman should not be allowed to compete with other women. The biological differences that are inherent that differentiate men and women make this type of thing unfair to both parties. The NCAA’s rules are bogus.


  4. Thank you for sharing this news story. Things like this shock me. I hope that the NCAA chooses to change the organization’s policies to the right policies.


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