Jessica Alba dines out with her family and speaks about her life as a parent

Jessica Alba is seen out-on-the-town with her family. She enjoys dinner with her husband and her two children. Her two daughters are named Haven Garner, 10, and Honor Marie, 13.

This is what Jessica Alba had to say about her job as a parent: “The hardest part about being a parent is allowing your kids to make a mistake and knowing when it is going to be too hard or too much. Then you’re like, I guess ‘nothing’s’ too much.

But I also like it — they’re not mistakes, they’re lessons, and they’re meant to go through the challenges and it’s meant to bring them out the other side,” she said.

Jessica Alba also reflected on her marriage with her husband. Her husband’s name is Cash Warren. “At different times, there were different things that we needed from each other,” she said. “Around the time I had the kids, it was like, ‘I need date night once a week.’ He said, ‘I need you to be present on the weekends and not work. Over-communicating, maybe that’s it.'”

Jessica Alba also had this to say: sometimes she and her husband additionally “over-communicate” the things that are happening to them at certain times for no obvious reason.

“I don’t think we have a secret at all,” she finished.

Jessica Alba is known as the founder of the bath and body products company named, “Honest Beauty.” She was also a star on the cult-popular movie named, “Sin City.” She played the tragic role of a woman named Nancy.

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Summer Parker

2 thoughts on “Jessica Alba dines out with her family and speaks about her life as a parent”

  1. I love Jessica Alba’s products from Honest. There was some gossip about them years ago but I think her products are great.


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