Harry Style’s newest music video is released

Harry Styles released his newest single this week. The single is named, “As It Was.” “As It Was” is out on Harry’s newest album.

“As It Was” loosely references Harry’s girlfriend. His girlfriend is the actress named Olivia Wilde.

There were rumors that the child speaking in the beginning of the song, “As It Was,” maybe Wilde’s child. However, Harry confirmed that the child speaking is Ruby Winston. Ruby Winston is Harry’s goddaughter.

“As It Was” is out on Harry’s newest album named Harry’s House. Harry’s House was released on March 30. This is his third album as an independent music artist.

Harry Styles was discovered on the reality television show named “X-Factor.”

I am definitely going to check-out Harry’s new album named Harry’s House. I still remember Harry fondly from his days in the band named, “One Direction.”

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

8 thoughts on “Harry Style’s newest music video is released”

  1. Harry isn’t the same kid that he was when One Direction first came out on the music scene. I think he has a lot of potential.


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