Three firefighters become fathers at the same time

Lieutenant Michael Irvine, 31, Kyle Dean, 32, and Kyle Frederick, 36, are all three men who serve in the same fire department. They are firefighters at Fort Belvoir Army Base. Fort Belvoir is located in Virginia.

In a surprising turn of events, all three firefighters met each other at Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center. They met together there on February 20. The three men were all there for the same reason: the three’s wives were in labor.

The three different men had three sons on the same day. The sons are named Colton, Dawson, and Carson. The newborns were born within 24-hours of one another.

“The boys were born into pre-made friendships,” said Lieutenant Michael Irvine. “We love how things went down.”

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

4 thoughts on “Three firefighters become fathers at the same time”

  1. I live near Fort Belvoir. Maybe I have run into these men before. I think that these three men’s lives are now filled with even more blessings than before.


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