Jessica Simpson is in the middle of creating a menswear line of clothing

Jessica Simpson just divulged something about a new project that she is currently in the midst of working on. Jessica is in the middle of creating her own menswear clothing line under her brand named: The Jessica Simpson Collection.

This is what Jessica had to say: “We are going into boys and men’s clothing. That is something that I always wanted to do… because let’s face it: I know how a guy’s butt should look like in his jeans.”

Jessica hopes to expand her line of clothing even more in the long-term. She hopes to make products in the Jessica Simpson Collection for interior design, for beauty, for skincare, and, also, for multi-vitamins.

Jessica launched her Jessica Simpson Collection line of clothing in the year 2005. Her line of clothing is tailored to women of different sizes and shapes.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

6 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson is in the middle of creating a menswear line of clothing”

  1. I own some clothing from The Jessica Simpson Collection. I really like the things that she has made for her clothing line. I’m sure my husband would be glad to see what she has in store for her menswear line.


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