The television show named Cruel Summer is set to have a second season

The cult-popular show that is named Cruel Summer hooked everyone. The show became one of the most popular shows to watch on the network television station named Freeform.

Those who watched the show could not tear his or her eyes away from the screen as they learned about Katherine Wallace and Jeanette Turner. The two girls were completely different. However, the audience was glued to their seats as they watched one girl rise to popularity while another girl remains trapped in a home by her abductor.

The second season of Cruel Summer is now greenlit. The show will continue to tell the tale of the two enemies: Kate Wallace and Jeanette Turner.

The first season of Cruel Summer is about a popular and a pretty girl named Katherine Wallace. Katherine goes missing. A girl named Jeanette Turner is unlike Kate. While the town mourns for Kate’s loss, the girl named Jeanette changes. She changes from a wallflower to a popular and a well-liked girl. She begins to date Kate’s boyfriend. She becomes close friends with Kate’s old crew of friends.

The question stands: what does Jeanette Turner have to do with Katherine Wallace’s disappearance?

This is what Tia Napolitano had to say about the second season of Cruel Summer. Tia Napolitano is the woman in charge of the show.

“I know what we also want to do is to tackle something like we did with grooming. We want to talk about something important along with the mystery and the character studies,” she says on the entertainment-news website named Buzzfeed.

The next season of the show will involve a new cast of characters. The characters are named Megan and Luke. The actress named Sadie Stanley is Megan. The actor named Sean Blakemore is Luke.

Cruel Summer is a dark and a serious show. The first season ended with a cliff-hanger that shocked the audience. I am glad that there is a new season of the television show that is set to air that will tie-up any loose ends. The audience will have to stay tuned to learn more about Kate and Jeanette.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

12 thoughts on “The television show named Cruel Summer is set to have a second season”

  1. I can’t wait to see the next season. The last episode of the first season was horrifying. I can’t wait to see Kate win over Jeanette.


  2. I watched this television show. I was shocked at the ending of the season. I hope Jeanette faces up to crime that she committed. What she did was reprehensible.


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