The Jurassic World Dominion trailer is released starring Chris Pratt

Jurassic Park is back. The new movie named Jurassic World Dominion will will be out on June 10. A new trailer was just released that showcases the new movie.

Chris Pratt plays Owen Grady in this movie. Owen will have to save a new dinosaur baby from human poachers. The character named Claire Dearing will be in this new movie. The actress named Bryce Dallas Howard plays Claire.

Older faces familiar to the Jurassic Park franchise will also be seen in this movie. Jeffrey Goldblum is back on screen. He plays Dr. Ian Malcolm. Laura Dern is also in this film. She plays Dr. Ellie Sattler. Finally, Sam Neil is back on the silver screen. He plays Dr. Alan Grant.

Laura Dern, Jeffrey Goldblum, and Sam Neil will have big acting roles in this new movie. They are more than just an after-thought.

Will you be seeing the latest saga in the Jurassic Park world this June?

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

4 thoughts on “The Jurassic World Dominion trailer is released starring Chris Pratt”

  1. I like the actor, Chris Pratt. I enjoyed him in “The Guardians of the Galaxy” movies. I think I’ll have to check-this-out when it hits the movie theater. Nice post.


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