Maddie Ziegler is the new face of Kate Spade

You may know Maddie Ziegler for her role as a dancer on the hit-television show, Dance Moms. Dance Moms is a television show on the network television channel named TLC.

Maddie Ziegler has done big things in her career. Maddie is the new face of Kate Spade. Kate Spade is a popular brand that produces purses, clothing, and, lastly, perfume. Now, Maddie Ziegler is the face of a new Kate Spade perfume.

The scent was made by Marie Salamagne, a creative director of the Kate Spade brand. The new scent is known to smell like rose, wild strawberry, freesia, and bergamot.

Maddie says that she gets dozens of compliments when she wears the new perfume.

Maddie explains that before she tried this Kate Spade perfume, she consistently wore the same perfume since she was fourteen-years-old. “I used to wear a Coach perfume all the time. I was longing for a new scent,” she explains.

According to Maddie, the new Kate Spade perfume scent is right-up her alley.

Maddie still consistently wears perfume everyday. “I don’t even think I realize I’m doing it,” she says. “I’ll just be doing my skin-care routine in the morning and, then, I immediately put the perfume on myself. After I take a shower, I walk out of the shower and immediately spray the perfume on my body. It has come to be a daily ritual that I always do.

Especially now that we have spent more time at home because of COVID-19, we need to find ways to feel good and to feel confident,” she continues to say. “Putting on perfume and smelling good is one of the self-care things I do. It has come to be a habit that I love to do.”

Maddie is known for her role as a young dancer in a music video by the singer named Sia. The music video that she is in, is for the song named Chandelier. Maddie is also known to be the face of the exercise clothing label named Fabletics. She is also the face of the cult-popular make-up brand named Colour Pop.

Maddie stars in two cult-popular films. The films are named: The Fallout and The Book of Henry.

Finally, she is a dancer in the musical-movie named West Side Story. The movie, West Side Story, was nominated for multiple Academy Awards.

Maddie is doing great things with her career. I hope she continues to do so.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

10 thoughts on “Maddie Ziegler is the new face of Kate Spade”

  1. I love the Kate Spade brand. I need to check-out this new Kate Spade perfume. The notes of the new scent seem like something that I would really like. Nice post.


  2. I love Maddie Ziegler. She is a great dancer. I will support her and I will definitely check-out this perfume.


  3. Kate Spade is an amazing brand. I love Kate Spade pocket books. They are some of my favorite pocketbooks to wear when I go out. I agree with you. I think Maddie is doing wonderful things.


  4. Maddie is great. I liked the movie named The Fallout. I hope she does more movies. Her younger sister, Kenzie, has done some music.


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