Victoria Justice is in a new Netflix movie named A Perfect Pairing

Victoria Justice is a girl to look out for. Victoria Justice is a star on the television station named Nickelodeon. She stars in the television show named Victorious.

Now, Victoria Justice will be in a new movie on the Netflix television streaming service. The movie is named A Perfect Pairing. A Perfect Pairing stars Victoria Justice as the girl named Lola Alvarez. The actor named Adam Demos plays a rancher from Australia who is Lola’s love-interest.

A Perfect Pairing is about Lola. Lola quits her job as a wine importer for a big company and begins her own business. She plans to land her first major account… an account named Vaughan Family Wines. To seal the deal, Lola travels to Australia to speak to the owner of Vaughan Family Wines. The owner is a woman named Hazel Vaughan.

Lola decides to work on the Vaughan Family Wines ranch to show her drive and determination to land the Vaughan account. She meets a handsome rancher there who helps her to believe that love is out there for her.

The movie named A Perfect Pairing will be released on the Netflix television streaming service on Thursday, May 19.

I loved Victoria Justice in the other movies that she stars in named The Outcasts and Summer Night. I will definitely watch A Perfect Pairing when it comes out this month on Netflix.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

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