Danielle Fishel of “Boy Meets World” stars in a podcast

Three former actors on the television show named “Boy Meets World” are starting a podcast. The podcast will be sponsored by iHeartRadio. The podcast is named, “Pod Meets World.”

Danielle Fishel starred in the television show named “Boy Meets World.” She is Topanga on the television show. Danielle will star on the podcast with two other former-cast members.

On the podcast, Fishel and the two cast members will re-watch the episodes of “Boy Meets World.” The television show was on prime-time from the year 1993 to the year 2000.

This is what a former co-star on the television show had to say about the podcast:

“I think on the surface level, they can re-watch ‘Boy Meets World’ and hear us talking and enjoying the world for the first time, and sort of just going back and revisiting scenes.

Hopefully, we have some good behind-the-scenes stories to pepper in. Then, I think there’s another level, which is kind of like this memoir project where we are going to be constantly reflecting on our own lives and how the things we don’t remember or do remember are now being sort of reevaluated.”

Will you be listening?

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

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