The Backstreet Boys perform with Drake on the band’s DNA Tour

The band named The Backstreet Boys is back on tour. The Backstreet Boys’ tour is named The DNA Tour. The tour ended early because of the COVID-19 outbreak that spanned across America. The tour finally got going again recently.

The rapper named Drake recently made his way onto the stage with the Backstreet Boys to sing one of Backstreet Boys’ hit songs named, “I Want it that Way.”

The Backstreet Boys did this collab when the band reached Toronto, Canada on Saturday evening. The city of Toronto is Drake’s hometown.

This is what A.J. Mclean, one of the band’s members, had to say:

“When it’s a big number or it’s after a number and we’re still on stage, I pull an ear to the monitor just to feel that moment, to hear the crowd. You can see them singing and screaming but if you can’t hear it and you can’t feel it right here [points to heart], then what’s the f—ing point? To be able to still get that level of love and screams 27 years later, it’s pretty freaking remarkable.

He continued to say: “The fans are truly the rock that has solidified us in this business. We were able to last almost 30 years so far. That’s a huge testament to the fans, the music, and to each other. All of us — family, man.” 

The DNA Tour will end at a stop in New Zealand in the year 2023.

The Backstreet Boys seem to be alive and well.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

10 thoughts on “The Backstreet Boys perform with Drake on the band’s DNA Tour”

  1. The Backstreet Boys and Drake seem like a mix that doesn’t go well together… but it’s great that the band is back on stage.


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