Harry Styles will be the newest member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Harry Styles is known to be the former band member of One Direction. He is also an independent artist that makes his own music. Now, Harry Styles is jumping into acting. Are you ready?

Harry Styles will be one of the newest cast members in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He will play Eros. Eros is Thanos’ charming younger brother.

You may have seen a glimpse of Harry after the end credit scene in the movie named Eternals. It is rumored that Harry is a part of a deal to play Eros in five Marvel movies “for the next 15 years.” He is rumored to be contracted to receive $100 million dollars for his role as Eros in the MCU.

The Marvel Studios’ President who is named Kevin Feige confirmed to the media that Harry will be back on screen in future Marvel movies.

I can’t wait to see Harry on screen as Eros. I will look out for him in future Marvel movies.

Always and forever,
Summer Parker

8 thoughts on “Harry Styles will be the newest member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe”

  1. So, Eros is Thanos’ younger brother? That leaves a lot open for interpretation. We will have to see to learn more about Eros in the next Avenger MCU movies.


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