Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral is today

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain’s funeral took place today. It took place at Westminster Abbey in London, England. This was the first state funeral in London, England since Winston Churchhill died in the year 1965.

The Royal Family will have a private viewing of Queen Elizabeth’s casket after the state funeral. In a touching moment, Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7, were a part of the Queen’s funeral procession.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are the great grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth. The two are the son and the daughter of Prince William and Princess Catherine.

Prince Louis is the youngest son of Prince William and Princess Catherine. Prince Louis did not attend the funeral today.

The funeral included a hymn that was played at Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding to her husband, the late Prince Philip. Prince Philip died last year.

Thousands of British citizens lined the streets around the Westminster Abbey to mourn the Queen.

The Queen’s casket will be at its final resting place at the Royal Vault in London, England by the end of today. The Royal Vault is the burial ground for many past monarchs who died. Other kings and queens who are buried in the Royal Vault include King George III, William IV, and Prince Philip, the Queen’s late husband.

Today is the time to say our last good-bye to Queen Elizabeth II.

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